Moghel you are more than just breasts and ass 

When God made you,

He took His time…

He let man fall asleep 

Took a bone that protected man’s life 

And moulded you into a perfect master piece with it.
Beyps you are not piece of item that has to be shown off by someone who doesn’t know your real worth…

You are beyond precious 

Not even the wealth of the entire world comes close to your how much you are worth…

Woman you were created by the creator Himself to carry and give birth to every single creation He thought of.
Sweetheart you are so much stronger than you think you are.

You have been beaten, raped and labelled  horrible names and yet you rise up even stronger than ever

You wear your scars as if they were them most precious stones on earth.

You bear it all so they don’t have to

No matter how painful or bad things are you still carry yourself so elegantly like you’ve got the world’s riches in your hands
Baby girl you don’t need to be part of the crowd to be seen 

You are more than the latest fashion and trends

Your so called squad doesn’t define who you are

How you can get a man to buy you doesn’t make you beautiful 

That hair and make up  doesn’t cover up what’s pretty or ugly inside

You are stronger and content when you know who you are and have accepted your flaws and are willing to change only for you.


You are a woman 

A masterpiece created by the Creator Himself 

Unapologetic for who she is and why she’s here

Unashamed to bare it all for everyone to see 

Loyal to the royal within

A queen in her own right.




You are a masterpiece.

Perfectly imperfect,

Unapologetic for who she is and what she’s been through.

You wear your scars like precious jewels.


You are highly favoured.

An unstoppable force 

Blessed in abundance 

You give birth to nations.


How beautiful you are.

Your laugh is a sweet melody.

Your eyes light up the darkest night.

Your smile puts the sun to shame.


You are amazing

You give some much of yourself away without asking for anything in return.

You take the knife by the blade.

You carry the nation’s burdens on your shoulders and still walk with grace and elegance.


You are life.

You are love.

You are courageous.

There is none like you.