post no. 21

Post 21= 21 facts about mapilamong 

Why? Because I’m turning 21 this year

1. My full name is Katlego Itumedisitse Mapilamong Nyakale 

2. My birthday is on the 12th of July (remember the day)

3. I was an accounting student now I do BBA 

4. I got my heart broken and I’m still healing

5. I secretly like being a girly girl

6. Music gives me life

7. I am a believer in Christ Jesus He is my saviour 

8 . I am clumsy AF I don’t know why I just can’t help it.

9. I am a helpless romantic and I am praying for the one created for me by God.

10. I think that the one that got a away is a guy I called Pete (he knows who he is )

11. I am an insecure person (I am working on it )

12. My biggest fear is being exactly like my father.

13. I have a love hate relationship with food.

14. My best friend is guy called titties 

15. i wanna learn how to pole dance

16. My favourite colour is BLUE

17. I haven’t had my hoeing phase yet

18. I was almost a stoner

19. I hate ciders and beers I prefer spirits

20. My biggest flaw is I can’t finish what I start

21. Writing is my safe haven 


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