I want to love without any boundaries, love without wanting to be loved back. Find a soul mate, best friend, spiritual mentor and lover in one person. 
I want to be rebellious in ways no one ever imagined me to be. I want to do what I love, do what makes me happy. I want make love to your brain because you just fucked mine. I want your body to communicate with mine I need to feel all its desires. I need to dance in the rain without worrying about anyone saying something. I want to be care free, I want to be able to say “I don’t give 2 fucks what you think.” and not feel bad about it

I want to be about my life, be about my happiness, be about my desires.

Shit if I wanna hoe around I should I mean its my cake and my conscience at stake

If wanna get sipped and have a one night stand I fucking should

Should I want to be a mean ass bitch from hell then boo boo call me the ice queen…

Yes this is what I want….

What I desire.


I can’t have it.

I can’t be who I want to be.

I can’t express my sexual side. 

I can’t taste the different flavours that life has to offer.

I can’t believe in love.

I can’t have my cake and eat it even though I’m the one who baked it…

I’m forced to lie in a bed I didn’t choose or even make.

Why though? 

Really why is it???

I mean it is a free world right? 


You can’t be yourself. You can’t taste the different flavours life has to offer since life is poison. 

Love on the other had don’t do jack why “these hoes ain’t loyal…” right? Nope wrong again this love situation is so complex because we always selfish with ourselves, we got trust issues, we fear commitment AND we don’t know how to love since we’ve all experienced some form of heartbreak and pain. 

We can’t be ourselves since we fear rejection and loneliness, we put up this front that ends up consuming us and we left not knowing who we are and that’s why people have what you call an “identify crisis”. You have a crisis with your identity because of that mask you had on to get fake friends, create a fake life and impress ass holes who aren’t worth your time.

Sexuality on the other hand is such an issue especially for women we keep saying we equals but when a woman comes out and says I’m seeing multiple guys at the same time she is a whore that has no morals or self respect but when it’s a guy he is congratulated or the excuse “aargh he’s just a man. ” is used but till when though? Til when can a woman express her sexiness without being harassed or judged live her sexual life as she please without being labeled a whore. 

It’s so easy to point fingers and judge others for things they do, the situations they are in,or the life they live. We walk on higher ground saying how screwed up they are without even understanding reasons behind these actions or circumstances.

We seem to forget how messed up each and everyone one of us are! We are all screwed up in own way, some of us are even broken, so when are we going just stop the whole, “do as I say and not as I do” situation? Let one live and do as they please?  


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