I can’t let go
I’ve be cursed to live with it
Time and time again I’ve tried to escape it but I just can’t
I can’t live without it
But then again
I don’t want to live with it any more
Countless failed attempts to get rid of it have left me even more attached
But it wasn’t always like this….
It started off so nice and easy
No strings attached
Playful on and off playing hard to get
Till it broke the one rule….
Never catch feelings!
It fucked around and got attached
Sold me dreams of a happily ever after….
Foolish me fell into the empty box of dreams
Attached myself to it
Planned my life around it
Shared everything with it
Till I was no more
I lost me and became it
I realised it too late
Our story never began with once upon a time
So our happily ever after was impossible
But I still can’t let go
So I’m stuck with it…


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