The “born frees”

We claim to be free
We claim to be the generation that has broken the bondage from the past
We claim to be game changers, revolutionaries, peace seekers
Called born frees yet we grow up in shackles
Brainwashed by the bitter emotions our parent have towards life
We are classed into our stereotypical attributes
Blacks being the oppressed race and whites being in power.
Yet the black kid has the power to play victim and the white kid is oppressed by paying for mistakes his ancestors made
And we still claim freedom
Yes Freedom is here!
But so is revenge!
We carry on with life as if the world owes us something.
We walk around with heavy hearts and grudges big enough to defeat poverty
With leaders that govern their pocket and not our country
We are free we say…
The more we find out the truth about our past
The tighter the shackles become
The more we see race and not my brother or sister
The more “victims” come out
The more blame we put on people
The heavier our hearts become
The more entitled we feel about what the world owes us
The more we claim we are free when we are in tighter bondage than our parents were in the past
the so called “born free” child will never Know the meaning of free
Not while we are to inherit the resentment and hostility of the past
Not while we are still able to draw the race card for every problem
Not while we are punished for mistakes made by our elders
We will never know freedom
We will never see the colours freedom has to offer
We will never know how freedom tastes
The “born free” child can only claim freedom…


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